What would you say if I said that anything drama-based was not for me?

Well, then this is for you. Drama with us is not about making you an actor or even an extrovert. It’s simply about helping you become a better communicator in English by getting you to find joy in wanting to connect better with other people.

Do I need any previous experience with drama?

No, just an enthusiasm to learn.

What level of English to I need?

Unless a workshop specifies a certain level, anyone who is a strong A2 (Pre-Intermediate) level, is able to take part in everything we do.

Why am I struggling to improve my English?

Speaking and interacting with people beyond the security of the classroom can be daunting. At Giving Voice, we use drama techniques to shake off that fear. We focus on often neglected aspects of English such as pronunciation, voice projection, body language and fluency. In short, we help you enjoy speaking English with the same confidence you speak your first language.

What are the director’s qualifications and experience?

Jat Dhillon has been a qualified English teacher for over 20 years, a theatre director since 2007 and a teacher trainer since 2012.

Can we communicate with Giving Voice in Czech as well as English?

Yes. If you need any clarification in Czech feel free to contact Helena at helena.flajzarova@givingvoice.cz

How can I support your organisation financially?

Our mission is to get participants to perform to the best of their abilities in the best venues. We give them the very best guidance knowing the experience stays with them. Should you become a friend by making a financial contribution to Giving Voice, we would tell you exactly how you are helping and what your money has gone towards. We would happily promote your company at all our main events and keep an honest open dialogue with you throughout your kindness.