What is the price of doing theatre?

1,950 CZK a month. 5,850 CZK is to be paid at the beginning of each term (3 months). This is all you will pay. All extra activities will be free. At first we just ask you to pay for September, and then, if the you like it, you pay for each term (Oct – Dec, Jan – Mar & Apr to Jun).

When do the rehearsals take place?

Every Monday (18.00 – 20.30). The dates of additional meetings (which are free) are shared at the beginning of each term to help you plan ahead.

Are the groups mixed in terms of age and experience?

Yes, wherever possible. This is because the experienced learn how to share their knowledge and the inexperienced are surrounded by inspiring role models.

What is the minimum age and level to join?

The minimum age is 13 and minimum level is A2.

Am I not too old?

Absolutely not. Age brings experience and a deeper understanding of life. This helps the learning become a meaningful dialogue within us.

How will you communicate my progress during the year?

There will be 3 end-of-term reports that will measure commitment, progress and character, through conversations in your diary and mid-term counselling.

What should I bring to every rehearsal?

A pencil, the performance piece (which will be provided by us) and comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

When do the theatre performances take place?

The calendar of the entire year is shared with you as soon as you join to help you synchronise this with your other commitments.

Can I join at any time in the year?

You can but you normally have to pay to the end of a term which are 3 months long.

Is there any compensation for absence?

Not usually. It is like any other course in any other organisation. However, there may be circumstances in which you might be able to use the course fee for other Giving Voice activities or return to the same course in another time. Additional 60min one2ones also help you make up missed sessions.