What is the price?

1,950 CZK a month to be paid at the beginning of each term (3 months). This is all you pay. All extra activities will be free. At first we just ask you to pay for September, and then, if the your child likes it, you pay for each term (Oct to Dec, Jan to Mar & Apr to Jun).

When and where will the rehearsals take place?

Every Monday (18.00–20.00). They take place at Lycee Francais de Prague in Prague 5. All additional meetings will be given to you through the shared calendar as soon as you join.

Will the groups be mixed in terms of age and experience?

Yes, wherever possible. This is because the experienced learn how to share their knowledge and the inexperienced are surrounded by inspiring role models.

What is the minimum age and level to join?

The minimum age is 13 and minimum level is A2.

What should the students bring to every rehearsal?

A pencil, their performance piece (which will be provided by us) and comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

What change should I expect to see in my child by the end of the year?

Being a member of a professional organisation like Giving Voice will help them better understand themselves and their needs. They will meet the high expectations because they are surrounded by kind, loving individuals. As acting on stage requires tremendous responsibility and courage, they mature more than any parent can imagine. Naturally, their English flourishes.

What if my child is too shy to do drama or has little or no acting experience?

We know that the word ‘drama’ can sound intimidating and provoke proclamations of ‘not for me’. But it is for these very people. Drama is not about making them an extrovert. It’s simply about helping them find joy in connecting more meaningfully with others.

Are the themes of growing up such as bullying, trust, conflict, happiness, love, intolerance and sexism, not too emotionally challenging for young people?

From personal experience, students need a safe environment in which to explore the themes that occupy and shape their everyday lives. They are always more productive and attentive when a topic is relevant. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. As a consequence of joining us, teachers often notice an improvement in behaviour and motivation in the classroom.

Why do you think drama is an effective way to ‘educate’ children?

More than conventional approaches, drama encourages expression, risk-taking, creativity, imagination and cooperative learning. The active participation required in drama involves not only the intellect but also students’ imagination, curiosity and emotions. Moreover, it is perfect for teaching students with different learning styles as well as levels. We can make you feel you belong to a family. So, drama, done properly, gives a student the space to celebrate their differences, a space where they are accepted, a space where they want to learn.

What are the director’s qualifications and experience?

Jat Dhillon has been a qualified teacher for over 20 years, a theatre director since 2007 and a teacher trainer since 2012.

Can we communicate with Giving Voice in Czech as well as English?

Yes. If you need clarification in Czech feel free to contact Helena at helena.flajzarova@givingvoice.cz

When will the performances take place?

The calendar for the entire year is shared with you as soon as you join.

Are parents allowed to watch a rehearsal?

With pleasure but generally only to help you make a judgement about whether or not you would like your child to join the group. As they will often need to dig deep to find their voice and character on stage, this struggle is better done in the absence of spectators. But should you still feel the need to visit, I am sure it can be arranged.

How will you communicate my child’s progress during the year?

There will be 3 end-of-term reports that will measure commitment, progress and character. You will also be informed about any difficulties the child may be displaying. The director and the production manager can be contacted at any time as well.

Will any information about my child be shared with other people or organisations?

All the information about your child will remain confidential and only be shared with you.

Can my child join at any time in the year?

Yes and you will be asked to pay to the end of the term which is 3 months long.

How much time will my child need to devote to this?

They will need to make time to learn their lines, complete their diary and any other comfortable tasks given as homework. The real learning takes place in the rehearsal room so regular attendance is important. Also, additional meetings will be shared with you as soon as you join.

Is there any compensation for absence?

Not usually. It is like any other course in any other organisation. However, there may be circumstances in which you might be able to use the course fee for other Giving Voice activities or return in another academic year.