The HOW CAN I BE ME? Project for students and teachers

STUDENTS often cannot see the relevance of learning. TEACHERS cannot always find the energy to grow further. So what should be a pleasure for both feels more like a punishment. Why? Education rarely asks us ‘How can I be me?’ Giving Voice puts ‘me’ at the very centre of learning. English (and a thirst for life) flourishes out of a need to connect.


  • Accelerates fluency
  • Adds to the prestige and reputation of the school.
  • Puts inspiration back into learning and teaching.
  • Invests constructively in the future of the school through its teachers.
  • Brings a fresh approach to teaching English.
  • Injects a buzz and enthusiasm into the department.
  • Starts a dialogue with an organisation that has creativity at its heart.
  • Complements traditional approaches with dynamic drama-based methods.
  • Helps teachers include the emotional well-being of children into their planning.
  • Gives children a more holistic and joyful experience of learning.
  • Improves classroom behaviour.
  • Encourages children to place education alongside personal development.
  • Offers children an opportunity to bring the problems of growing up out into the open.
  • Raises more rounded human beings.


  • Accelerate fluency
  • Develop English through dynamic performance
  • Strengthen voice and pronunciation
  • Promote self-expression through speech and writing
  • Improve English in the context of real-life situations
  • Accommodate mixed abilities and different learning styles
  • Bring individuals out of them themselves and breed confidence
  • Fuse the intellect, imagination and emotion
  • Explore and communicates themes that matter
  • Expand vocabulary through meaningful play
  • Show how to deal with conflict
  • Offer a place of friendship, trust and support

Needs Analysis

Let us meet you and do a professional in-depth analysis of your specific needs and create tailor-made workshops that will help us dynamise the learning and teaching English.

upcoming events

The Vote (02/2020) - sould out
19:00 - 21:30
Divadlo Kampa
Nosticova 634/2a, Praha 1

The Vote

History had often made Parliament look like the longest running farce in the West End. Men didn't volunteer ...

Giving Voice – The Bomb (2020)
19:00 - 21:30
Divadlo Kampa
Nosticova 634/2a, Praha 1

The Bomb

At 17 seconds after 8:15a.m. on August 6 1945, a US B-29 bomber may have obliterated the city of Hiroshima but ...

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