General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are valid and binding for all performances and other events organized by Giving Voice, s.r.o., residing at Rektorská 247/36,108 00 Praha 10-Malešice registered at the Municipal Court in Prague under the Registry C 202701, identification number 29134781 (hereinafter referred to as GV) regardless of venue. By purchasing the ticket, the viewer agrees with their complete wording.

Programme, schedule and casting are subject to change. In this case purchased tickets are not returned or exchanged.

When purchasing, check that all the information is correct. Mainly check:

  • Selected performance
  • Date
  • Ticket price

Later claims cannot be taken into consideration.

Ticket price is refunded only in case of canceled performance.

If the performance is canceled, the tickets can be returned or exchanged for tickets for another date, 2 months from the original performance date at the latest. In the case of online payment through internet shop (by credit card, bank transfer), the right to a refund is claimed by email at If the performance is canceled or moved, the ticket holders have no right for compensation for the cost of travel to the performance, accommodation or any other costs.

If the performance is changed or moved, tickets are exchanged for another date according to the instructions published on the GV website.

The publication of special promotional offers does not entitle holders of previously purchased tickets to compensation.

Any interference with the ticket will invalidate the ticket and its owner will not be allowed to enter the theatre or any compensation.

No entrance to the auditorium is allowed after the beginning of the performance. 

The Ticket Holder undertakes to observe the visitors’ rules of the theatre or other space in which the performance or event takes place.

Without any claims, the ticket holder gives the organiser and third parties permission to make and publish any form of event record or record in connection with it.

It is prohibited to make audio-video recordings during the performance or event.

The organiser reserves the right to not allow persons drunk, under the influence of narcotic drugs or threatening the course of the performance or event and the safety of its visitors.

Tickets are valuables protected by trademarks. Counterfeiting, copying and altering tickets is inadmissible and punishable by law. It is forbidden to resell the ticket.

GV is not responsible for damages to the health or property of theatre visitors. The visitor is obliged to respect the instructions of the theatre staff.

Means and conditions of ticket sales

  • Direct sale of tickets to individuals
  • Phone and email orders
  • Bulk invoice orders
  • Internet shop GV –

A maximum of 10 tickets from one e-mail address or IP address can be ordered per Internet order. One customer may not use multiple email addresses to order tickets.

The GV online store offers the customer more payment options:

On-line booking with post-payment by bank transfer and sending tickets by e-mail in the form of an electronic ticket E-TICKET. Customer will receive a ticket confirmation along with the booking number and the necessary details for the payment via bank transfer to the e-mail address (s)he entered.

After payment of the ticket, the ticket will be sent by e-mail in the form of an E-TICKET within 48 hours after the amount has been credited to the GV account.

On-line payment via credit cards VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and MasterCard Maestro.

After the payment is made, the ticket will be sent by e-mail in the form of an electronic ticket E-TICKET.

Rules for using E-TICKET

E-TICKET is an electronic ticket equipped with a QR/bar code, which serves to verify the validity of the ticket and to verify the entitlement to enter the theatre. The validity of the ticket and its QR/bar code is verified by a special reader. E-TICKET ceases to be valid after reading the QR/bar code and the ticket can no longer be used.

Entry to the theatre will only be possible on the basis of the E-TICKET ticket, which will be presented and checked by the reader first. This rule also applies to standard paper printed tickets. Any subsequent presentation of the ticket or a copy thereof will not be taken into account and the ticket holder will not be allowed access to the theatre.

The E-TICKET ticket is carefully protected, the customer is responsible for copying or misusing it. Giving Voice is not responsible in this case.

The E-TICKET ticket is sent / issued in PDF format, for printing it is necessary to use a computer programme designed to print a document in PDF format (eg Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Applicable law and dispute resolution

Relationship and possible disputes between Giving Voice and customers will be settled exclusively under the law of the Czech Republic and will be settled by the competent courts of the Czech Republic.

Any disputes can also be settled out of court. In such a case, the customer may contact the out-of-court dispute resolution entity, such as the Czech Trade Inspection Authority or resolve the dispute on-line through the ODR platform designated for this purpose.

Protection of personal data

Giving Voice collects and stores the personal information provided by the customer (including potential) when purchasing a ticket and using the website Personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data, are information about the customer, on the basis of which it can be directly or indirectly identified. Personal data is protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Giving Voice processes personal information as follows:

collects them for later use, such as sending purchased tickets, sending information on changes to events or tickets, allowing the customer to enter the event if necessary to ensure customer participation in the Event; store personal data for the purpose of evaluating, maintaining and improving relationships with its (potential) customers or for improving its services and products; collects personal information for later use for marketing purposes, market research or for sending information that might be of interest to the (potential) customer; processes personal data for their use in advertising, newsletters and other information in accordance with customer or potential customer requirements;

use personal information to obtain operational information, develop products and services, or other activities that may support business processes; uses personal data to enforce and carry out legal obligations.

By providing personal data to Giving Voice, respectively, by purchasing the ticket, the customer agrees to the processing of personal data as described above and to the dissemination of Giving Voice commercial communications, which may include commercial communications regarding Giving Voice products and services to the email or postal address specified by the customer when purchasing the ticket.

The customer is entitled at any time to oppose the processing of his/her personal data for marketing purposes on the website or email address In this case, Giving Voice is obliged to immediately terminate the processing of such data for these purposes, except for the purposes stipulated by law for the fulfillment of legal obligations. The customer is also entitled at any time to oppose the dissemination of commercial communications by electronic means or mail, at or by e-mail In this case, Giving Voice is obliged to immediately stop sending commercial messages by electronic means to the customer.

The data transfer between the customer’s computer and the Giving Voice server is secured by SSL encryption during the purchase of tickets to protect the transmitted data.