GV rehersal, Prague, 2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV rehersal, Prague, 2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV rehersal, Prague, 2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019

Have you always longed to speak English with passion and purpose? There is something empowering about learning through drama. This rare experience will give you the opportunity to know the stage step by step, build an unbreakable bond with the English language and discover how much you matter.

Each year, Giving Voice puts on plays in magical spaces to over 2000 people. Past actors have included scientists, managers, housewives, programmers, students, musicians, therapists, editors, builders, educators, carpenters and artists to name but a few. All you need is the commitment and enthusiasm to be a part of inspiring productions.


  • Offers a place of friendship, trust and support
  • Improves your voice and pronunciation
  • Promotes self-expression through speech and writing
  • Accelerates fluency
  • Breeds confidence
  • Fuses intellect, imagination and emotion
  • Helps you overcome the fear of speaking in public
  • Encourages you to shape the world around you.


  • Develop your voice, body and language using dynamic drama techniques
  • Explore themes that deepen your understanding of the world around you
  • Keep a diary to express, with feeling, what you learn about yourself through theatre
  • Have an open line of communication with the director
  • Discover hidden qualities from a report that measures your ability and your character
  • Perform at public GIVING VOICE nights as soon as you are ready.


(Come and try one session for free.)
If you want to experience English through live performance and inspire those around you then this is for you. We give you all the fundamentals of the stage, build you into a better communicator and then give you opportunities to perform on stage to the public. The motto of this project is I FIND ME WHEN I LOOK FOR YOU. Why? In our search to find our character we inadvertently make moving discoveries about ourselves.


  • Weekly rehearsals (Mondays 18.00–20.00 (teens) / 18.00–20.30 (adults))
  • Additional one-to-one sessions
  • Extra weekend rehearsals
  • Time with the movement goddess Berrak Yedek
  • Library membership to over 1000 books
  • Access to all our shows and public workshops
  • Purchase of all scripts, support materials and photocopies
  • Rehearsal and performance photography
  • Free teambuilding weekend away each term
  • Personalised development plan

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