Giving Voice reminded me that life is a gift and I have an obligation to discover my talent. Oh, and my English improved.
Anna Horáková   |   Student

I have learned to love people and love myself, to feel confident enough to hug strangers in the street.
Darina Sommerová    |   Product Manager

Served surprises which opened that forgotten heart.
Nora Mrnková   |   Marketing Manager

It felt like Fortune woke up on a beautiful morning, flashed a generous smile at me and said, ‘Go on, knock yourself out, son!’
Mikuláš Mařík   |   Customer Service

We never stop searching for that intersection or edge on which we balance with roused senses; that moment we really feel we exist. I felt that on the stage.
Pavel Ondrašík   |   CEO Black Box Images

I learned to stand up and be seen. Not as society demands a man to but through embracing vulnerability.
Jonathan Solano   |   IT Specialist


Full of that beautiful word.
Amanda Carroll   |   Royal Shakespeare Company

Never far from humanity.
Martin Kendrick   |   Retired Politician

Excellent. I will use more emotion, I promise.
Ludmila Mottlová   |   Headteacher

Full of purpose and energy.
Hana Chmelenska   |   Head of International Relations CTU

The workshop made you feel like falling in love again.
Pavel Ondrašík   |   CEO Black Box Images

If I had to write only one sentence, it would be that ‘Jat’s workshops are amazing.’
Martina Bonořová   |   English Teacher & Writer

Inspiring and uplifting!
Claudia Anna Carrington   |   Teacher & Translator

The workshop was immensely powerful and moving.
Hana Vrabelova / Translator


I loved this workshop. I’m shy but I felt so comfortable with touch.
Zuzana Musilova  |  Teacher

It was fabulous and you were awesome, as always.
Andrea Kilford  |  Teacher

Full of laughter, positivity and love.
Tereza Kempova  |  Teacher

Opened my view on the ability to incorporate ‘love’ in class.
Hannah Grace Delia  |  Teacher

I was surrounded by people who seemed so familiar and yet I’d never met them before. Feel alive.
Jana Macurova  |  Teacher

Brilliant. Humorous. Inspiring.
Martina Pustkova  |  Teacher

I loved how you created a caring environment with humour and practical examples.
Monika van Heerdon  |  Teacher

I always feel happy after your workshops. You are great, and I really mean it!
Konstantina Valai  |  Teacher

Full of love.
Adriena Mesarova  |  Teacher

Relaxed. Happy. Motivated. Touched. Excited. Thank you.
Marketa Bajerova  |  Teacher. 

Thanks a million. I so want to change.
Lucie Kutlakova  |  Teacher

You are amazing and make me believe I can become much better person.
Marketa Bajerova  |  Student

Incredible energy! I’m leaving with my chin higher than when I came in.
Hannah Grace Delia  |  Teacher

Your words were what I wanted to hear. I am no longer afraid of confronting conflict.
Marketa Bajerova  |  Teacher

Hilarious, as always. Unforgettably inspiring.
Ivan Sluka  |  Teacher

Jat is a great performer, comedian and communicator.
Shawn Sanders  |  Teacher

Inspired, relieved to rethink teaching and change in ways that feel more natural and meaningful.
Sage Pressman  |  Teacher

I loved it, thank you so much for sharing your passion.
Adriana Ramos  |  Teacher

Inspired. So bloody inspired.
Kamila Plzakova  |   Student

It was incredible. I feel so well.
Kristyna Dufkova  |  Assistant Professor 

I feel a little humiliated because I don’t think I will ever be as good as you, so positive and inspiring. But I will try.
Petr Major  |  Teacher

I learn so much about myself when I am with you.
Tereza Kempova  |  Teacher

I feel so happy to be me.
Karolína   |   Student

Today I feel as though I’m ready to take on the world.
Alice   |   Student

Why do I feel sad that you are leaving?
Denisa   |   Student

Refreshing, enthusiastic, inspiring, full of joy, Jat is the most passionate educator I know.
Petra Kubálková    |   Teacher   |   SPŠ Na Proseku

Giving Voice gave the Year 9 students a wonderful opportunity to learn and express themselves freely in a creative, safe and stimulating environment. They had a fantastic time and it clearly boosted their confidence and self-esteem.
Steph Morand   |   Teacher   |   Park Lane International

Giving Voice made our blue Monday at school a day full of joy and enthusiastic learning. The students have started new friendships and began to be more interested in the world around them.
Jitka Gabrlíková   |   Teacher   |   Obchodní akademie a VOŠ ve Valašském Meziříčí

Theatre through Jat has allowed me to see my students open up, laugh, cry, feel, and finally be heard. Giving Voice should be a part of every school that cares. I can highly recommend this company of true professionals.
Lucie Mc Mullin   |   Teacher   |   Gymnázium Olomouc-Hejčín

What an awesome workshop about the real Shakespeare. Thank you so much for this unique interpretation of teaching.
Tereza Kempová   |   Teacher

Brilliant! Simply unforgettable!
Monika Paukertová   |   Teacher

It was the most beautiful thing ever to happen at our school. You were the first to tell us that we must be brave and have strength.
Anna   |   Student

Giving Voice made me realise that I have to step out of my comfort zone to achieve great things.
Anet   |   Student