These workshops, accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, aim to get teachers to dynamise their teaching through user-friendly drama techniques. Aside from improving students’ English, these activities send out a clear message that courage and inspiration should be at the core of every person’s learning.

ALL of our workshops are interactive, in English, kinesthetic, joyful, thought-provoking, imaginative, practical and educational.


Better English Pronunciation

This course is designed to show how educators can improve participants’ spoken English by working on the physical aspects of pronunciation and voice through effective drama-based techniques. The games equip them with techniques that can help them move students forward with confidence.

Giving Students Greater Confidence with English

This course shows how educators can unlock students’ confidence with English by getting them to delight in the language and encouraging them to let their personalities shine through.

Dealing with Conflict and Trust through English

This course teaches educators to recognise that growing up is full of difficulty, vulnerability and conflict. Educators will utilise activities that encourage students to work alongside one another; to confront issues – bullying, sexism, discrimination to name but a few – and arrive at practical solutions through collectivity, camaraderie and sensitivity. (This is not accredited)

Understanding the World and English through Shakespearean Texts

This course shows how educators can make Shakespeare accessible and relevant by allowing students to explore themes and language through movement and experimentation; to ‘get’ him and ‘get’ themselves in the process.

Exploring Novels through Drama

This course is designed to show how educators can use drama to bring any given English novel to life. Students often find classics dated in terms of language and relevance. Drama-based activities can bring to life that world and consequently promote a more enriching reading and studying experience.

Giving a Better Presentation

This course shows educators how to get students to focus on and develop their Voice, Language and Body when giving presentations in English.