GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV teambuilding, 09/2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV teambuilding, 09/2019
GV rehearsal, Prague, 2019
GV teambuilding, 09/2019

It is not easy growing up. More informed yet more isolated, young people are bombarded with confusing messages. Drama-based workshops can spark incredible conversations that lead children to a better understanding of the world around them. The collaborative nature of what we do encourages tolerance, motivation and self-expression. This is precisely what young people need.

ALL of our workshops are interactive, in English, kinesthetic, joyful, thought-provoking, imaginative, practical and educational. A2 (pre-intermediate) is the minimum level.


The Pronunciation series

A lively trip to improving delivery and intelligibility. Teachers and institutions often undervalue pronunciation work. But by making this work physical through focussed activities, students overcome problem sounds and give the time and respect clarity deserves. The games equip them with techniques that can help them move forward with confidence. And have fun doing so.

The Presentation series

These workshops encourage students to put more faith in their voice, language and body when attempting to hold the attention of an audience. Students often have to present in class without being told how. Here we show them that it is a strong voice, their choice of words and how they use the stage that will give them clarity, content and charisma.

The Trust series

Divisive classrooms and the ill-treatment of others thrive in a vacuum of trust. Here we explore ideas of respect and equality. We all need to do more to build trust between students. The rehearsal room is all about trust. Very few of us grow without it. These activities will give teachers the confidence to confront division and devise pragmatic ways of encouraging respect.

The Shakespeare series

This is Shakespeare made easy, relevant, on your feet, for pure joy. Teachers and students alike are intimidated by Shakespeare. This is because the Bard’s work is primarily presented as academic study. Yet if you allow students to explore the themes and language through movement and experimentation, they suddenly ‘get’ him and ‘get’ themselves too in the process.

The Conflict series

Growing up is filled with conflict. These workshops give children the courage to be heard and find respect among their peers. Conflict can interrupt learning as well as a classroom. The teacher can lose so much time disciplining students. We get students to work alongside each other through activities that allow even the quieter students to speak up. Role play and short dialogues can really get them to confront issues such as bullying and encourage collectivity, camaraderie and responsibility.

The Motivation series

Students speak up about what matters to them and align this motivation with their learning. Teenagers often regard learning is a necessary evil. The education system itself can also feel quite removed from their everyday lives and preoccupations. Through games, by getting them to reconnect with their dreams and aspirations, we get them to appreciate the importance of education to find fulfilment.

The Reading series

Students often find the classics dated in terms of language and relevance. These physical workshops use drama and play to bring a book to life. Our activities give breath to another world and its characters. The result is that they go on to have a more enriching reading and academic experience.

Needs Analysis

Let us meet you and do a professional in-depth analysis of your specific needs and create tailor-made workshops that will help us dynamise the learning and teaching English.